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Mr. Thornton

Mr. Thornton

Hi, Welcome to Mr. Thornton's web page. We are currently working on Gravity and the Solar System for Q3. Please check the useful links section to get copies of the notes, worksheets, tests and other good stuff.

This Week 01/17 - 01/20 We will complete the Solar System and take an Open Note Test on Friday. ** The Power Points and Notes page has been updated with the Planets Data Sheet and a copy of the solar system test.

week 01/09 - 01/13 we are completing the Solar System and Gravity notes. By the end of this week you should have complete the Gravity and Solar system notes and the "Jump on in" Lab.

Our next test is scheduled for Friday January 20th. The Test is posted under the "Notes and Power Point" Section of the Useful links page.