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The Alhambra School District offers on-line access to students' assignments and grades through our parent communication tool, eSembler.  In order to view a student's assignment information and grades on-line, parents will need an e-mail account,  the student's ID number, and his/her grade level.

To access eSembler, click the link on our web page sidebar, Check Grades Online.

Our grading scale is:
90-100%     A
80-89%       B
70-79%       C
60-69%       D
0-59%         F

Teachers may give additional "weight" to assignments as they deem appropriate.  If parens have questions about grades, they are encouraged to contact the teacher to discuss it.

Students who have a B average or better at the end of each quarter, qualify for Honor Roll.
Students who have straight A's, or straight A's and one B, qualify for High Honor Roll.
In addition, to qualify for Honor Roll or High Honor Roll, a student must be funtioning at his/her instructional level or above in all subject areas.  Any grade of C, D, or F, disqualifies a student from making Honor Roll, regardless of the overall achievement average.