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The mission at Sevilla West School is to provide our students with high-quality instruction and programs to build our future for success.
High Expectations:
We believe we are accountable for ensuring excellence in achievement
and character for our Sevilla West Family.
We believe we are a talented, highly skilled, and enthusiastic staff of
educators who serve as positive role models for our community.
We believe that fostering mutual trust and respect takes an
investment of time and intentional effort.
Continuous Growth:
We believe we are highly motivated teachers who will reflect
and continuously seek opportunities to improve.
We believe when we share our individual strengths and
experiences we empower the group for the greater good.
We believe that all students can be successful in a culture of caring and understanding.

Sevilla West Goals
  • To provide students with an engaging and rigorous curriculum along with the support and expectation that every child can reach academic success. We will provide our students with the highest-quality academic programs available, which include the use of FOSS hands-on science, Pearson’s Investigations and Connected Math Programs (CMP), as well as the research-based reading program Success For All.
  • To provide a safe, productive, and nurturing environment that recognizes that all people are unique in their own way. Their differences could consist of their reading level, athletic ability, cultural background, personality, or religious beliefs. We will value the opinions of all individuals, everyone matters.

  • To increase parental and community involvement by providing a variety of programs and services to meet the needs of the students, parents, and community members. All parents are welcome to take an active role in the decision making process through attending our School Community Council meetings. We will offer learning opportunities for parents and students as well through our Curriculum Nights, Family Nights, and Bring Your Parent to School Day. We will continue to create additional opportunities throughout the school year.

  • To expose our students to the latest technology so that they can fully understand and utilize it in order to succeed in the new digital era. Each day our students will interact with SMART Boards, cps responders, Mac Books, and I-Pads while engaging in rigorous and challenging classroom lessons.